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Bhoomi: Chai done the right way!

Bhoomi Chai Co. located in Chicago, IL is changing the way people brew and drink chai. As a fairly new business that launched on July 2018 with just one single chai tea type, the brand has expanded to nine different chai variations and four superfood blends. The innovative flavors have been a hit among the customers.

Founder & CEO Asha Patel said, “Our chai blends are the authentic way to brew chai. Chai done right is our key differentiator. Our blends are custom formulated with organic tea and whole spices, no fillers or preservatives. We teach our customer how to brew chai the authentic way on the stove top, just like the way I grew up drinking chai visiting grandparents in India.”

Consumers are swaying away from highly processed food/drinks that contain fillers, additives, preservatives, sugary and instant mixes. But on the other hand, education about how to actually brew this fabulous beverage has been missing in the current market. The ready made, prepacked concentrations have lost their appeal as we cherish and long for traditional stove-top,homemade tea brewing.

Armed with delicious and robust blends minus all the additives, and a little guidance from the Bhoomi experts, customers now have the opportunity to brew chai the traditional way on the stove top. It is healthier and tastier, and everybody gets hooked instantly.

And as you can only dream of its indescribable aroma and soul-warming taste, just tell me, wouldn't you want to try a sip of this qualiTEA?

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