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Chef-Inspired Plant-Based Snacks

Because life has never been this busy, nothing is more convenient than grabbing a quick and simple snack to fill up our hungry tummies in between tasks and meals. But in this age where unhealthy processed foods load up our kitchen cabinets, everyone is looking for a healthier option. That is exactly the reason why three friends all with different careers came together to start a business with three goals in mind. Firstly, they wanted to produce healthy snacks, secondly, they had to be plant-based, and thirdly, they had to make sure they were sustainable.

It all began in the midst of the pandemic when Maria Teresa, the chef, and co-founder of The Preachy Vegan, took a chance and started the business after thinking about it for a long time. Together with her two BFFs, Greg, an athlete, and Luke, an accountant, they founded The Preachy Vegan in July 2020.

These three friends aren’t new to choosing a healthy lifestyle and are all achievers in their own fields. Greg is an Amateur Cyclist and a member of the Canadian Forces. Luke is a freelance accountant and is currently finishing up his degree -Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting.

An additional member also joined their team. Martha, who serves as the graphic designer, is their youngest member; a typical Gen Z, who thinks about health and the environment, came to complete the team.

The Never-ending Dilemma with Traditional Snacks

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to stay at home and work from home. Snacking increased significantly as a way for people to lessen their boredom, stress, and satisfy their cravings. But let’s face it, the traditional and easily available snacks are most likely pretty unhealthy. Most of them are filled with saturated fats, empty calories, salt, preservatives, high sugar content, and many more scary ingredients.

These traditional snacks not only harm the body but also the environment. Producing these ingredients commonly includes the use of chemicals such as pesticides and artificial colors, and are mass-produced agroindustrial ingredients depleting the soil. Additionally, their production usually emits dangerous organic compounds into the surroundings, and their packaging contributes to pollution. Eventually, by harming the environment we end up once again harming ourselves.

Yes, there are healthy alternative options in the supermarkets; however, the flavors are sometimes sacrificed making them bland and simply unappetizing. What’s the point of snacking if it isn’t enjoyable?

These were the realizations of Chef Maria Teresa and her friends, Greg and Luke. Thus, the concept of their business was born. They wanted to give consumers more nutritious snack options that were both incredibly tasty and without harming animals, humans, or the environment.

What is The Preachy Vegan?

Plant-Based Products

Even if you don’t plan to go vegan or vegetarian, most people know the benefits of eating a mainly plant-based diet. These healthy options can lower your chances of developing lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and other common chronic conditions. So, if you are looking for more vegan chocolate snacks, The Preachy Vegan has got you covered!

Chef and co-Founder, Maria Teresa, crafted plant-based granola bars with the use of locally-sourced ingredients and materials. Who doesn’t love chocolate snacks? The Preachy Vegan’s granola bars like Endurance Bar and Chef’s Bar are gluten-free bars made with certified organic ceremonial cacao. These traditionally made ceremonial cacaos are unlike the well-known cocoa-based products. The minimal amount of processing is done, so it maintains its health-giving properties. Ethical and sustainable cacao is one of the main ingredients used at The Preachy Vegan.

Vegan snacks are a great way to enjoy cacao and other superfoods that will not just make you healthy but will satisfy your hunger and your chocolate craving. Endurance Bar is designed for athletes and those doing high-intensity workouts because it can give them a quick boost while doing their activities. They can also be a meal in themselves because they are packed with essential nutrients.

The fan-favorite Chef’s Bar is a cacao-based bitter and sweet combination of strawberry and tarragon herbs that you will surely be delighted to indulge in.

Spirulina is another well-known superfood and The Preachy Vegan has made it tastier with Sprulin-A-Of-Control Cookies. When eating their snacks, you know that you aren’t just filling up your stomach but you are also filling your body with the right food.

Locally-Sourced and Sustainability - of course!

The founders of The Preachy Vegan strongly support small businesses and look for local and ethical producers. Sourcing locally reduces the carbon footprint of the production and helps small entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the community.

The founders also believe that it’s their mission to make sure that their ingredients are sustainable and pure. Happy tummies and happy Earth!

The Preachy Vegan and Healthy Lifestyle Awareness

The Preachy Vegan continues to innovate its products to match consumers' tastes and raise awareness about the benefits of consuming plant-based snacks. They recently collaborated with another health and active lifestyle advocate, Fiona Groves.

Fiona Groves does everything from hiking, skiing, yoga, and body image coaching to competing in bodybuilding and CrossFit. She is also an ambassador for I AM FITNESS. That is why she needs extra nourishment to sustain her active lifestyle. The Preachy Vegan snacks are her go-to snacks because they are “packed with high-quality ingredients and nutrition” and dairy-free and gluten-free. Surprisingly, Fiona isn’t a vegan. So, whether you’re a vegan or not, you still want to consume healthy snacks like Fiona does thanks to The Preachy Vegan.

An Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is already risky! Even more so when starting it in the middle of a pandemic. But just like The Preachy Vegan, an aspiring entrepreneur must believe that an unprecedented global crisis like this can unwrap tons of business opportunities to those seeking them.

The secret? Have the right purpose and go with your passion. The Preachy Vegan started with its goal of raising awareness of plant-based, locally sourced, and sustainable products that consumers will surely love. Then, the added passion for a healthy lifestyle is magnified by their products.

Any type of business is an uphill climb. During this time of uncertainty, we often get disheartened when we don’t get the expected results immediately. If you are in this kind of situation, the Preachy Vegan founders have some sound advice for you: “Never give up. When everything gets overwhelming, take a deep breath and keep at it.” - so, just grab a snack and keep going.

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